Wendy K Laidlaw

Wendy K Laidlaw

World's Leading Expert On Healing Endometriosis Naturally, Women's Health Pioneer, Author, Mentor & Entrepreneur

Wendy is the world's leading expert in helping women with endometriosis naturally using the Laidlaw Protocols system.  She is also a respected and international best seller author, certified coach and online entrepreneur. 

 Wendy's speciality is in educating and empowering women with Endometriosis, (and Adenomyosis & Infertility) to heal naturally. 

Wendy is the Founder of EndoBoss®.com and Heal Endometriosis Naturally.com.

Wendy's books and programs are used by thousands of women around the world to empower themselves to identify the root causes of pain and inflammation.  Wendy teaches women how to conquer their Endometriosis & Adenomyosis conditions and to put them into remission - plus improve their fertility naturally.  

Wendy also trains women to become certified Endometriosis Health Coaches through the EndoBoss® Academy & EndoBoss® Coaching School to help share her powerful and impactful message to millions.
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Wendy K Laidlaw is an international best selling author, certified coach, Founder & CEO of HealEndometriosisNaturally.com and EndoBoss.com, and helping to empower women back to full health.

Wendy put her own Stage IV Endometriosis and Adenomyosis conditions into remission after suffering for over 33 years. After she had exhausted the conventional medical route with 6 surgeries, countless drugs and painkillers she became sicker and sicker, ending up disabled and bedridden for many years with adhesions, cysts, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) and a Mitochondria dysfunction.

After retraining (from her bed) in a nutritional therapy, psychotherapy and psychology, Wendy managed to identify the underlying causes of the inflammation and hormonal imbalance - found a natural way out through her developing her 'Laidlaw Protocols' and made a vow to help other women out of suffering.

Using a whole body, whole person, multi-modal holistic approach, Wendy helps clients identify The 5 P's (poisons) that may be stopping the healing process; toxic food, products, environment and relationships.

Wendy now helps other Endometriosis sufferers reduce and then eliminate their pain, symptoms and suffering through her Podcast, books and online Programs, so they can go back to living their life and become a Boss of their Endometriosis - an EndoBoss®!

Learn more and download a FREE Report called the Top 5 'Quick Start' Tips at; Https://HealEndometriosisNaturally.com 

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"All my pain and endo is gone - and I have photos to confirm it too!"
Joanna, USA

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"Pain-free and moved to my dream city and my dream job!"
Candace, USA

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"From bedridden to walking along the beach with my nieces"
Jessica, UK

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"I never thought it was possible but look at me now!"
Barbara, Canada

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"Free from crippling pain after being bedridden for 2 years!"
Julie C., USA

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"I wish I had met you years ago..."
Heather, USA

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Dr Sally Shultz MD.

"(Wendy) Will Make A Positive Difference in Your Life"

"Wendy is an inspiration and so passionate about helping women with endometriosis out of pain and achieve the success she has had herself.  

It has not been an easy journey for her but she is a testament to all the hard work, retraining and research she has done to have conquered the condition and put it in remission.

Wendy's online programs and book 'Heal Endometriosis Naturally Without Painkillers, Drugs or Surgery' are very helpful to women who are suffering with endometriosis. 
Wendy's unique approach will make a positive difference in your life and in your health."

Dr Tony Coope MD.

"She [Wendy] Will Change Your Life For Good"

"It is marvellous the work Wendy is doing freeing women from the clutches of the Endometriosis condition and helping them conquer it naturally. 

You would never think Wendy had endometriosis, adenomyosis or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome by looking at her now. 

It is a testament to her vision that she continues sharing not only her own success but the success of the many other women she has helped be pain-free around the Globe.

If you get the chance to work with Wendy she will change your body and life for good."

Dr Patrick Flynn DC.

"Our Bodies Are Genetically Programmed To Be Healthy"

"Your book 'Heal Endometriosis Naturally Without Painkillers, Drugs or Surgery' is a wonderful book. 

I love what you are doing and how you are helping women put endometriosis into remission naturally with your online Programs. You’ve done an amazing job in getting women in the right direction.  

We both think differently to the gynaecological  medical mainstream model. 

We are carpenters, so we understand reversal and let the body regenerate as our bodies are genetically programmed to be healthy."

Dr Anh Nguyen MPharm.

"Her Book Is Well Researched & Helps Address The Underlying Root Causes"

"Wendy is one of the kindest, most caring people I have ever met. She is also very passionate about helping women with endometriosis naturally. 

Her story of healing is incredible; going from completely bedridden in pain with no doctors able to help her, to NOW vibrantly thriving and helping people all around the world. 

And she did it all on her own!

Her book is well-researched and helps to address the underlying root causes of endometriosis so that you can heal yourself from a cellular level, instead of just masking the symptoms.

I highly recommend her book if you're looking for a natural and effective way to free yourself from the constant debilitating pelvic pain that drags you down, the heavy flows, the clots and cramps, the bloating, and the suffering you've been experiencing.

Also, if you feel like you need someone to personally guide you on your journey to healing endometriosis, I would suggest you contact Wendy immediately to work with her so that you can soon be on your way to having the health and life of your dreams."
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"Also Helping Heart-Centred Online Entrepreneurs To Spread Their Powerful & Impactful Message"

- Nutritional Therapy Holistic (MASC P.Th), SNHS (Dip)
- Psychotherapy Diploma (MASC P.Th)
- Certified Life & Business Coach (Coach U - CEG)
- Psychology Degree BSc (Honours) (Open University-ongoing)
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