Wendy K Laidlaw

Wendy K Laidlaw

Heal Endometriosis Naturally Health Coach, EndoBoss®, Women's Health Pioneer, Author, Mentor & Entrepreneur

Wendy is a respected and published author, Certified Life Coach and entrepreneur.  Wendy's speciality is in educating and empowering women with Endometriosis, (and Adenomyosis & Infertility) to heal naturally. 

Wendy is the Founder of EndoBoss®.com and Heal Endometriosis Naturally.com.

Wendy's books and programs are used by thousands of women around the world to empower themselves to identify the root causes of pain and inflammation.  Wendy teaches women how to conquer their Endometriosis & Adenomyosis conditions and to put them into remission - plus improve their fertility naturally.  

Wendy also trains women to become certified Endometriosis Health Coaches through the EndoBoss® Academy & EndoBoss® Coaching School to help share her powerful and impactful message to millions.

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Wendy K Laidlaw is a published author, Certified Health Coach, Founder & CEO of HealEndometriosisNaturally.com and EndoBoss.com, and helps empower women back to full health.

Wendy put her own Stage IV Endometriosis and Adenomyosis conditions into remission after suffering for over 33 years. After she had exhausted the conventional medical route with 6 surgeries, countless drugs and painkillers she became sicker and sicker, ending up disabled and bedridden for many years with adhesions, cysts, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) and a Mitochondria dysfunction.

After retraining (from her bed) in a nutritional therapy, psychotherapy and psychology, Wendy managed to identify the underlying causes of the inflammation and hormonal imbalance - found a natural way out through her developing her 'Laidlaw Protocols' and made a vow to help other women out of suffering.

Using a whole body, whole person, multi-modal holistic approach, Wendy helps clients identify The 5 P's (poisons) that may be stopping the healing process; toxic food, products, environment and relationships.

Wendy now helps other Endometriosis sufferers reduce and then eliminate their pain, symptoms and suffering through her Podcast, books and online Programs, so they can go back to living their life and become a Boss of their Endometriosis - an EndoBoss®!

Learn more and download a FREE Report called the Top 5 'Quick Start' Tips at; Https://HealEndometriosisNaturally.com 

What Clients' Say About Wendy

"My Experience With Her Has Been A Blessing" - Candace

I would like to share my experience with Wendy whom I have come to know for almost a year.  I would like to say that she is a wonderful person who is committed to helping others, not only to get physically well but to get emotionally healthy too.  As a counsellor myself, I can pick up on people fairly easily and I think she has a great character.  I have to say my experience with her has been a blessing for me as she helped me become more aware of myself emotionally and physically.  I see her as a kind helpful caring and gentle soul she is there for you when you need her and always offering helpful advice. I've only kind words and experiences to share about Wendy and I don't know where I'd be today without her.

"She Always Made Me Feel Comfortable & Loved" - Heather

Wendy has been an inspiration to me. I took her seminar class on healing endometriosis naturally. She taught me the importance of having a positive environment and helping me get my life back. I started writing poetry again after my class with Wendy. I also suffer from PTSD severe anxiety and she always made me feel comfortable and loved.

"Words Cannot Express My Gratitude" - Barbara

Thank you again for all that you have done. Words cannot express my gratitude towards you for all that you have helped me within my endometriosis and becoming more comfortable with my emotions. 

"You Are One Of The Rare Gems In Life" - Jessica

I really feel that you are one of the rare gems in life you really actually do care about the woman that you work with and you always put 100% or more into helping each person I've been astonished and I've been appreciative of the amount of time and care that you have shown me so thank you Wendy I feel blessed in deed.

"Wendy Is Driven To Help Other People To Alleviate Their Sufferings" - Anne

I have had the pleasure to know Wendy for several years. She is a really lovely person with a kind, trustworthy nature. She is considerate, thoughtful and also one who can be relied upon to give good advice. I'm also full of admiration that Wendy has managed to write and publish books plus launch an online business in the time I've known her. I truly don't know how she manages to find the time and energy to do that and to make such a success of them. Wendy seems driven to help other people to alleviate their sufferings and not many people were trying to help others so much themselves and I admire her hugely for that too

"She Has Spent So Much Time Helping Me" - Kristina

Wendy is such a huge inspiration to me. She is not only kind and generous with her words but also with her time. She has spent much time with me helping with not just with my physical illness but taking that extra step to help me resolve many more personal issues. She has a really big heart and I have always enjoyed her courses and the time and effort she put into each person in our group. 

Wendy's  Books & Online Programs

21 Days Unstoppable EndoBoss® Challenge 
Online Program

5 Weeks EndoBoss® 'Core Essentials
Online Program

22 Weeks EndoBoss® Academy (Foundation & Advanced) 
Online Programs

22 Weeks EndoBoss® Practitioner Coach Training 
Online Program

"Also Helping Heart-Centred Entrepreneurs Spread Their Powerful & Impactful Message"

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- Nutritional Therapy Holistic (MASC P.Th), SNHS (Dip)
- Psychotherapy Diploma (MASC P.Th)
- Certified Life & Business Coach (Coach U - CEG)
- Psychology Degree BSc (Honours) (Open University-ongoing)
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